You’ve just stumbled upon a treasure trove of details about the world’s best timeshare locations. As someone curious and prudent about your vacation investments, we believe you’ll find great value in exploring this comprehensive guide on the prime destinations and amenities that make for an unforgettable timeshare escape. From the tranquil mountain scenes to sunny beachfront views, prepare yourself for a journey through the creme de la creme of transient luxury living. Buckle up, as your ultimate timeshare experience is about to take flight.

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Understanding Timeshares

Timeshares are a popular way to secure a holiday lifestyle without the full expense of owning a vacation home outright.

Definition of timeshare

a timeshare refers to a property with divided form of ownership or use rights. These properties are typically resort condominium units, with multiple parties holding rights to use the property, and each owner is allotted a period of time.

How timeshares work

Timeshares work on a simple principle, you only pay for what you use. If you vacation for a specific portion of the year, you purchase that portion of a property. You become a co-owner of a property and share the time and cost with other owners. This agreement assures you a place to stay during your designated time.

Benefits and drawbacks of timeshares

Timeshares come with many perks. Owners get to capitalize on the benefits of a vacation property without the hassles of maintaining a second home. Plus, the cost of the property is split, making it more affordable. However, timeshares also have drawbacks. Often, there are ongoing maintenance fees and you are also committed to the property for the specific time period you have purchased each year, reducing flexibility.

Timeshare Locations in the United States

With various destinations offering unique attractions, scenery, and experiences, the United States offers a diverse range of timeshare locations.


Florida, known for its sandy beaches and sunny climate, is a popular timeshare location. With numerous family-friendly destinations, such as Disney World and Miami Beach, it is appealing to vacationers of all ages.


For those craving a tropical getaway, Hawaii offers incredible timeshare opportunities. From the striking beaches of Maui to the bustling city life of Waikiki, you can find a vibrant mix of relaxation and adventure with a Hawaiian timeshare.


Offering a blend of city, beach, and desert destinations, California is a versatile vacation spot. Buckle in for stunning ocean views or embrace the sporting and cultural experiences at urban and desert resorts.


If mountainous landscapes and winter sports are more your style, then Colorado beckons with its picturesque ski resorts. Miles of fresh powder, coupled with the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, make it a sought-after location.

South Carolina

For those desiring a quieter and more relaxed vacation, South Carolina delivers with its quaint beach towns and coastal retreats.

Florida’s Timeshare Locations

Orlando’s Disney World Resorts

Orlando, home to the famous Disney World, provides fun-filled timeshare locations. With access to theme parks, shopping malls, and entertainment centers, it’s a location the entire family can enjoy.

Miami’s Beach Resorts

Miami Beach Resorts offer a blend of laid-back beach life and vibrant nightlife. Absorb the energy of the city or relax on the sandy beaches right outside your timeshare.

Tampa’s Gulf Coast Resorts

Tampa’s Gulf Coast Resorts combine the serenity of beach vacations with city life. From aquatic adventures to cultural experiences, it caters to a wide array of preferences.

Hawaii’s Timeshare Locations

Maui’s Beach Resorts

Let your adventure side out with timeshares in Maui’s Beach Resorts. Water sports, hiking, or simply beach lounging, the choice is yours.

Oahu’s Waikiki Resorts

Oahu’s Waikiki Resorts are an enticing invitation to city lovers. Glittering cityscapes paired with gorgeous beaches make it a unique destination.

Kauai’s Nature Retreats

Kauai’s nature retreats offer you an escape into paradise. With untouched nature and secluded beaches, the tranquility is irresistible.

California’s Timeshare Locations

San Diego’s Beach and City Resorts

San Diego combines city fun and beach relaxation seamlessly. Its resorts offer access to fantastic surfing, a thriving dining scene and vibrant nightlife.

San Francisco’s Urban Resorts

San Francisco timeshares are perfect for those who love the city’s cultural diversity and scenic beauty. Close to landmarks and shopping, these resorts provide more than just a place to stay.

Palm Springs’ Desert Resorts

Palm Springs’ desert resorts offer a unique vacation atmosphere. From relaxing poolside to exploring the desert landscape, there’s something for everyone.

Colorado’s Timeshare Locations

Breckenridge’s Ski Resorts

Renowned for its ski slopes, Breckenridge offers a winter wonderland to timeshare owners. The resorts provide skiers and snowboarders with world-class facilities.

Vail’s Mountain Resorts

Vail’s mountain resorts give you skiing and much more. With mountain biking, hiking, and a vibrant nightlife, you won’t be left wanting for activities.

Aspen’s High-End Resorts

Aspen is synonymous with luxury. The high-end resorts here provide a lavish vacation with top-tier amenities and direct access to skiing.

South Carolina’s Timeshare Locations

Myrtle Beach’s Family Resorts

Myrtle Beach is a mecca for family-friendly vacations. With amusement parks, shopping and beaches, a timeshare here will give your family enduring memories.

Hilton Head’s Island Resorts

Ideal for golf lovers and beach enthusiasts, Hilton Head Island offers tranquil timeshare locations with top-notch amenities.

Timeshare Locations in Mexico

If tropical weather and rich culture are what you’re looking for, Mexico showcases some stunning timeshare locations.

Cancun’s Luxury Resorts

Cancun is home to luxury resorts where you can bask in the tropical climates while being pampered.

Puerto Vallarta’s Pacific Coast Resorts

With its breathtaking coastal beauty and teeming marine life, Puerto Vallarta offers great timeshare locations along the Pacific Coast.

Los Cabos’s Beach Resorts

Located at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula, Los Cabos presents timeshare buyers with beautiful beach resorts surrounded by stunning landscapes.

Cancun’s Timeshare Locations

Zona Hotelera’s Resorts

Zona Hotelera is renowned for its turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. Timeshares in this area come with picture-perfect views and world-class amenities.

Downtown Cancun Resorts

In contrast to Zona Hotelera, downtown Cancun blends local culture and modern luxuries. You can indulge in traditional Mexican cuisine, shop at local markets, and enjoy the nightlife.

Isla Mujeres Condo Resorts

Just off Cancun’s coast, Isla Mujeres offers quieter condo resorts ideal for relaxation, snorkeling, and taking in the picturesque surroundings.

Tips to Choose the Right Timeshare Location

Choosing a timeshare location is a big decision.

Consider your vacation style

Do you love the beach or the mountains? Bustling cities or quiet countryside? Identifying your vacation preferences will help to narrow down your options.

Be mindful of the travel time

If a location takes a significant time to travel to, it may not be practical for shorter vacations. However, if you have more time, a far-flung destination can be quite an adventure.

Maintenance and other costs

Timeshares come with yearly maintenance and other fees. Make sure these are affordable and within your budget before you commit.

Consider the resale value

While purchasing a timeshare, think about its resale value. High demand locations have better resale values. Doing some research into this can pay dividends in the future.